Sometimes the Best Portraits are not Planned

Boor family image

What comes to mind when you hear professional photography? Most people think of the traditional indoor session where you are all staggered and in the same color shirt that some in the group are happy with and others are irritated about, you know the photo I’m talking about.  Most of the time the thought of mixing it up scares people because well, lets face it, professional photography can be expensive and you want to make sure that it looks great. So, naturally it’s the first instinct that everyone must match…… Wait though, hold that thought. Sometimes it is okay to change it up, not everyone needs to be wearing the exact same color shirt. Give your portrait some variation. Maybe you really like that everyone in black look or everyone in white look. That doesn’t mean you can’t still give your portrait a tasteful pop of color.  Another thing is everyone is so use to the “Okay now everyone say cheese”, look. This doesn’t have to be a standard in your house. Maybe you have more of a serious look or you want to capture that funny face that everyone does…. THIS IS OKAY TO DO. Remember, this is your portrait, you get to pick what you want to do (for the most part). Just look at the image above. This was actually a test shot to just make sure the lighting was good and waala! When Grandma  Lola took one look at how well this portrait captured each of her grandchildren’s personalities she had to order this image. This image will keep her smiling for years to come. So remember, every time you have the idea to have family or large group portraits taken does everyone have to wear the same exact color. Let there be a little difference or a pop of color somewhere to keep it fun and show who you are. Last but not least, never rule out the test shot image. You just never know when you will want an 11×14 of that amazing portrait hanging in your kitchen, so you can see it every morning and be reminded of the 8 joyful wonders of your world.

I would like to take a moment to make a shout out to Lola and her amazing family. Thank you for allowing us to share this wonderful portrait with everyone.

Calling All Pets!




Most people tend to think of Valentines day when the month of February rolls around. Harmann Studios has set up an opportunity to share this loving time of year with the furry friends in your family. We also want to start the new year off on the right foot by giving to a great cause along with offering a wonderful opportunity to have memories captured of your favorite furry friends. For every Pet Contest Portrait that is taken Harmann Studios will be donating $5.00 to the Bay Area Humane Society. Please help us to raise money for those pets in need! Don’t be afraid to stop on by or give us a call with any questions!
5x7pets2014r2 email

The “Harmann Experience”

Seriously, we do have some of the most wonderful clients!  Here’s a great story:  


Rachel came to us recently with an idea. She was married in 2005 and didn’t have much photography-wise from her wedding in which she felt could be transformed into something unique and one-of-a-kind (clearly, she did not come to US!)  For years, she wanted to create something special with a fun, in the moment candid image which was ironically taken by one of the groomsmen in the wedding party.  This image had always been one of her favorites.  To Rachel, it represented her relationship with her husband perfectly.  Rachel knew she wanted a unique product, but was not sure exactly what.  Years later, she finally decided find a professional to help her create this one-of-a-kind product! 

First, Rachel went to one of our local competitors, who in her words, “didn’t really give me any of their time.”  Rachel felt slighted and as though her project was not important enough for them to assist with.  Next, she came to us.  I remember Rachel’s call.   She had an idea, however had no idea what size product, frame or no frame, gallery wrap or gallery print, etc etc.  She had an idea, but simply needed direction and assistance.  After our initial call, Rachel sent me “the” image she wanted us to play with.  After a few emails and phone calls, I decided she HAD to come to the studio to see the type products I was trying to describe to her.  We met soon after, discussed sizes and I immediately prompted her to send me a photo of the wall space she was looking to decorate.  After seeing her wall space, I knew exactly what size to recommend.
Next, I emailed one of our staff members (Susan,) who worked hand in hand with Rachel on the perfect layout which incorporated Rachel’s initial ideas.  This was genuinely a “team effort.”   This week I received Rachel’s Gallery Wrap. Needless to say, after I called Rachel she rushed over to pick it up within the hour!   It’s so much fun to see that type of excitement in a client!  It is what the entire staff at Harmann Studios strives for…THAT reaction!  This was the type of excitement she initially had when searching out a professional to assist with the project…then, sadly lost after her first experience with one of our competitors.
Our time working with Rachel was a wonderful reminder how important every person who calls/emails our studio or walks through our doors really is. We helped Rachel with her vision (as we have for many before her,) and in the end Rachel received something she had dreamed of for years!  Before Rachel left, I asked if she would send a little snapshot of the end product in her home.  I always LOVE to see the finished product in its new home/enviroment!  This morning she sent the photo you see posted, with a nice little note attached.
Long story short, most clients have no idea what we at Harmann Studios can do for them outside of photography in general.  We are a team based company, which stretches FAR BEYOND photography.  Embracing creativity is what we do!!!  Therefore, no matter the project, give us a call.  I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


The summer of 2013 has kept us all at Harmann Studios super busy…and we LOVE IT!   We’ve also noticed what you have especially liked this summer.  From hot new products like our wallet tins, autograph photo frames and accordion books to fun add on’s, the Class of 2014 has been a creative bunch!  

So yeah, summer has been filled with senior portrait bookings, but it’s clear that things are not slowing down anytime soon at our DePere or Luxemburg studio locations! You see, summer is not the only season for senior portraiture.  Fall is here, and along with it…more senior portrait clientele!  I did say that things weren’t slowing down anytime soon, and all our fantastic clients who have walked through our doors this summer are sheer proof of that! 

The one thing I’ve noticed this summer is an increased interest in our new graphic art/grunge and embellishment services.  Heck, even I have used it on my new business cards!  Sometimes, ya just wanna amp up your images a bit.  Embellishing and grunge art allows our clients to do just that!  Whether it’s adding a distressed look to your images, or creative and feminine scrolling, we’ve had a blast making our clients images truly one of a kind!

Even better, clients who are ordering 3 or 4 pose wallet selections are entitled to this service at NO CHARGE!  It’s an incredible perk for those seniors who love trading wallets and embrace individuality!

Remember, it’s not too late to book your senior portrait session and get in on all the fun!  With a vast array of session types, outdoor venues, indoor backdrops and more…why wait?  Harmann Studios has it all here, just for YOU.

 ~ See you soon!


Christmas Though the Eyes of a Child Mini Session

Mark your calendars!  Saturday, December 1st…ONE DAY ONLY!  Both our De Pere and Luxemburg locations will once again be offering their “Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child” mini session. This fantastic session not only includes your time with our photographer, but also includes 5 slimline Christmas cards AND 2 of your favorite images from the session burned to a cd just for you…WITH copyright release!

Our set will be decked out for the holidays!  This is the perfect time to think about having your child/children photographed and get those holiday cards done!  Serious one stop shopping…and we all know how busy preparing for the holidays can be!  Let us help you make your Christmas shopping easier than ever.  15 minutes, one great photographer, a rockin’ holiday set, 2 images copyright released to you and 5 slimline Christmas cards.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Oh wait, it does…all for only $25 plus tax!  Yeah, Merry Christmas to you!!!!!🙂



Call us today to book your appointment.  This one will go fast so don’t miss out.

Back By Popular Demand…’Tis the Season Family Holiday Special

What a great time of year.  Along with the arrival of November brings Harmann Studios Annual ‘Tis the Season Family Holiday Special!  Book your families session anytime between November 3rd and December 1st and you’ll receive your session and 10 complimentary Christmas cards for only $55 (plus tax)  and normally $110!   With Thanksgiving around the corner, there is no better time catch the crew while they are home.  Not to mention you’ll receive great savings on that one of a kind memory that only a portrait can provide.

Appointments are available in the evenings during the week  as well as weekends!

Call either our De Pere or Luxemburg location to schedule your appointment today!!!!





With fall and the holidays just around the corner (and YES, I’ve seen holiday decor in our area department stores…YIKES) we’ve been working hard to create some fun and new styles as well as templates to add to our 2012 Christmas Card line.  Yesterday a few samples arrived in my hot little hands, and lets just say I’m likin’ what I am seein’!

Beginning in October we’ll be launching our new flat 2-sided Xmas card designs, folded card designs and DIE CUT 2-sided Xmas card designs.  There will be a variety of designs per each style card, on top of our already popular slimline and custom versions.  Basically, our clients will have a fantastic variety to select from no matter what their style or budget.  Not to mention, these cards are top of the line, cutting edge and produced IN HOUSE!  No outsourcing here!

Harmann Studios takes great pride in producing their own products and has a staff of incredible graphic designers/retouch artists right at our fingertips!  Along with our launch of new Xmas card styles/designs, we’ll be introducing a whole new line of Class of 2013 graduation announcements.  2-sided flat cards as well as die cuts!

Now IS the time to start thinking about the holidays (I cannot believe I just said that , lol) and get a jump on your holiday cards.  Don’t forget… our Fall Family Special slated for Saturday,  October 6th and 13th serves as a perfect opportunity for you and your family to update your family portrait.  In the process, why not take care of your Christmas card order?  We’re making it easier than ever to create that one of a kind card all of your friends will be raving about.

Keep your eyes on our blog and facebook page as more great family portrait offers are coming soon.